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“Envases Monodosis”
Tapp and go philosophy is doing the life easier joining the convenience of the sachet one dose SOBREMARIPOSA with some useful day by day products. Tapp and go helps you in your one day life
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What is sexual lubricant?
17 Octubre 2016
The sexual lubricant, also known as intimate lubricant, is an oily substance used for sex. The use of lubricants is increasing and its use is widespread among all those who have sex regularly, regardless of their sexual orientation. However, widespread is the idea that gay men are the people who most use it. Wh... read more

Sports gels. What types are there?
10 Octubre 2016
In the market there are a variety of sports gels used by athletes to improve their performance and to avoid injuries. We can differentiate between two types: energy gels and muscle gels. Energy Gels This kind of gels are ingested orally. It is used by athletes who perform activities for long periods of time and need to rehydr... read more


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